Akamas Peninsula national Park

Akmas is one of the most beautiful places in Paphos, Cyprus. The place really feels like heaven. Of course do not miss a visit to the Blue Lagoon area.
The view is beautiful and the water is so clear and transparent that you can see the bottom of the sea. There are also many hiking trails if you are interested in hiking and this is also a good way to lower the cost of your vacation – in this area you can sleep in a tent. There are also many shops and restaurants so if you want to relax from the view and enjoy ready-made food and shopping then you can combine.

Akamas is the national park of Cyprus located on the west coast, its area covers 230 square kilometers and it is worth spending a few days to walk in it.
The stunning park contains canals, bays, wildlife and plants of a variety of species and species and is a paradise for nature lovers and field trips.

Do not miss Turtle Bay either and there is a chance that if you arrive at the right moment you will see some baby turtles making their way to the ocean! The kind of one-time experiences that only the lucky ones get.

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